Events Leading up to the Current Requisition

We are providing these screenshots of emails and documents beginning in October of 2021 to offer fellow shareholders clear evidence of what is stated in our open letter dated 31 July 2022

Due to correspondence across Australian, New Zealand and American time zones, some of the emails appear to be out of chronological order. However, they are presented below as they occurred

8 October 2021: Drake pushback on Toby Chandler's proposed capital raise and Drake Private Investments LLC files a Notice of Requisition.

Toby Chandler proposed a rushed attempt to raise at least $15mm AUD for a kitty whose principle purpose was to acquire other companies with little or no connection to our CVM technology.

Please note, at the time we believed we were advised that we needed to target the non-Australian directors due to ASX requirements or else we would have named Sam Wright in our Requisition in place of Will Rouse

09 October 2021: Letter to the Board from Anthony Faillace

10 October 2021: After very constructive conversations with Chairman Will Rouse, we reached an agreement in principle with the Board prior to Bryant Mclarty's Requisition threat

16 October 2021: Updated Agreement in principle post Bryant Mclarty's Requisition threat

19 October 2021: Sam Wright confirms Bryant Mclarty will not be put on Board until, and unless, he signs up to the Drake agreement; plus a screenshot of SMN - Board Agenda (Oct 2021) that was included in the email from Sam Wright

20 October 2021: Director Mike Revely asks Anthony Faillace in an email if Bryant Mclarty is "starting to cause trouble already?" and points out conflicts of interest between Sam Wright's independence from Bryant Mclarty that came as new news to Drake

21 October 2021: Chairman Will Rouse confirms in writing the Board of Directors, which now includes Bryant Mclarty, has approved our agreement with them

30 June 2022: After numerous attempts at outreach, Drake files an initial Notice of Requisition to which Chairman Mclarty responds "No Talking Anthony, Talking is done." Up until this point, we had not had a substantive conversation about SMS with either Sam Wright or Bryant Mclarty since October of 2021

13 July 2022: Bryant Mclarty tells SMS's largest shareholder to "Politely, Fuck Off" in response to a request for the contact information of the newly appointed Executive Chairman Ross Love

13 July 2022: Director Bryant Mclarty proceeds to block one of Drake's designees, Andrew Roberto, from future communications via email and social media channels

26 July 2022: Drake continues to try and find common ground with the Board of Structural Monitoring Systems by requesting it honor the October 2021 deal at the upcoming Board meeting. Drake never received a response from the company and was told the Board did not bring the request to a vote due to the protests of a few Board members