CDI Holder Communication Regarding the EGM and AGM taking place on 15 November

1 November 2022

Fellow CDI Holders of Structural Monitoring Systems,

Attached you will find the letters that have started to go out to all CDI holders via post. Additionally, you may receive phone calls from the Australian call center of our proxy service. We had not planned to escalate to cold calls, but it came to our attention that Computershare, the company's registry service, is making phone calls to CDI holders discussing the EGM and AGM. We decided that the best way to counter these calls would be to make calls of our own, and we do apologize in advance if they are at all inconveniencing.

In addition to the letters below, we have also attached our example proxy voting cards with our recommendations for the meetings. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

We have also been told that Director and Company Secretary Sam Wright, on behalf of the company, is reaching out to CDI holders and offering to help them vote. If true, and we have it on good authority, this behavior is morally questionable at best. We are happy to help people understand how they may vote online, and can send you step-by-step instructions, but any type of ballot harvesting by either side, is reprehensible and has no place in the democratic process.

Your vote is for you to choose, and we encourage all CDI holders to read up on the situation, learn the facts, and make their own informed choice.


Anthony Faillace

Drake Management & affiliates

DRAKE_EGM letter_Vfinal.pdf
DRAKE_AGM letter_Vfinal.pdf